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Introducing the all new AutoTap Express DIY!

AutoTap Diagnostic vs. AutoTap Express DIY

We assume that the typical DIYer doesn't have time to go out and do a lot of reading on every system in his car. Rather than keep adding more and more data, configurable in more and more ways, we went to mechanic shops to find out what typically goes wrong with cars today and what can be fixed in a driveway.

Then we put together a tool that:

  1. Includes instructions on every screen so that you don't have to learn it all over again every time you take it out of the box.
  2. Adds a Diagnostic Wizard that guides you through diagnosing the most common problems. The parameters used in the guides are automatically shown with no configuration. There are also examples of what the parameters should look like on a graph.

Here’s a quick comparison table of AutoTap Diagnostic vs. Express DIY:

  AutoTap Diagnostic AutoTap Express DIY
Primary Customer Performance Enthusiast Do-It-Yourself Repair
Emphasis Cool Display, gauges, as much data as possible Simple to use, guide through diagnosis of problems, automatic display of needed parameters
Real time data Yes Yes
DTCs/Check Engine Yes Yes
Emissions Readiness Yes Yes
Diagnostic Wizard No Yes
Enhanced Parameters Option No
Logging Yes No
Graphing Yes Yes
Gauges (Virtual Dashboard) Yes No
Good foreign vehicle support No Yes
Diesel Support Yes, but some connections don't work Yes, but minimal value at this time
Instructions on every screen No Yes